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I suggest you go behind the dogs behind your dogs Ms Cuddy, Beardies all come from a handful of days from the Bothkennar kennels & you say all your studs were unrelated to the dams Er How come that your first Champion bitch(the Edenborough)appears twice once on each side of the pedigree isn’t that inbreeding. I also note that Percy(Blue Bracken)also appears more than once in pedigrees. Of course Jeanie of Bothkennar & others will appear several times in your dogs, but because they are off the 5/6 generation pedigrees are invisible. Oh yes Ms Cuddy, you are as guilty as others for inbreeding your dogs

BTW Yes I did inbreed my last litter & for a very good reason, to preserve the old lines & steer clear of Winston, whose temperament & type caused myself & many others much concern. the result was a litter of puppies that were true beardies complete with dark eyes, even the browns & the fawn had brown eyes & their coats all harsh & waterproof without a straight parting between them. I wouldn’t have a show bred beardie now if you paid me sadly as much as I love the breed they are no longer Beardies like many other breeds they are just show dogs

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