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Jenny s

well the great help arrived today, and gosh ive learnt so much i dont no were to start.

the dogs are tired lol

i have learnt how to use a clicker, how to do freeshaping and so much more but cant remember all the names.
i was going completly wrong with training as i was using name, commcand and hand signal all at the same time so no wonder why they didnt learn anything,Bev has shown me how to do it properly with just signals and its working ;D
molly did some freeshaping and was good at it but Bev noticed that if she didnt do something correctly she would shut down and give up. this i just thought was being thick. shw was soo excited when she was doing it right it was so nice to see.
the barking problem Bev cured so easily which i can actually do too ;D it seems common sence really the way she showed me how to do it so ive phone every one that comes to the house and told them to wait untill i answer the door to them, hubby was shocked when he came home  😮
i was in shock when bev got jess(who is a pig) to leave liver cake 5 inches or so from her nose. 😮
Bev also has shown me who is the pack manager and it turns out i was wrong , i thought it was molly as she is more of a bully but no its jess.

not sure what else to put my brain is tired but am so greatful to bev for coming round.  :-*

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