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That’s right Bev, crunch crunch gone, he’s only a wee little thing, don’t know how he manages it!

Still thinking over Toby’s diet, we are paring it down because of his itchy skin, he is now off all antibiotics and steroids too which is a relief.

We feeding breakfast chicken wing (just the one) and teatime is causing us some confusion.  What should he be having that will give all that he needs nutritionally but is less likely to cause itching?  I want to cook a whole chicken and give that but also some veg, how long can a dog sustain such a basic diet?  Am I likely to be OK to still give pork recreational bones and the odd egg or should I cut those out too and literally just give chicken and just a couple of kinds of veg?

Thanks in advance!

Just bumping incase you lot can advise further.  Suz recommended not feeding sweeter veggies for now, in addition to above question would frozen spinach be OK, any other suggestions for veggies we could try?  :-*

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