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Just spotted the post about my breeding from the 70s and 80s! I think if you review my post you’ll see that I said that the early litters were using outcrossing – then later we line bred – but of course when I say outcross, as outcrossed as you can get in a breed that started off with only a handful of dogs!

By outcross I mean there were no dogs repeated in the sire and dam’s side for the first  2 or 3 generations at least (but I am only going by memory here and this was a few decades ago now).

I don’t have the books to look it all up to hand – but those sires again if you want to double check (!) –
Ch Charncroft Corinth ex Ch Edenborough Sweet Lady,
Ch Pepperland Lyric John of Potterdale  ex Ch Edenborough Sweet Lady.

Then fairly distant line breeding to Blue Bracken:  Ch Edenborough Star Turn at Beagold ex Ch Dearbolt Lady Ancorrie,
then an outcross Ch Oroa’s Frank ex Ch Dearbolt Lady Ancorrie.

Then another outcross Ch Orora’s Impetuosity ex Dearbolt Lady Cordelia (Star Turn ex Ancorrie) – Four really cute pups
then i think we tried Ch Potterdale Ptolemy on Cordelia  – Philosopher wasn’t having anyof it -6 pups this time
and then we unusually had a third litter for one of our dogs – but we only had the one puppy by Caesar and that was to Ch Potterdale Philosopher at last – producing Cleopatra who we kept and never bred from.

Then we tried to line breed – which I do now regret.
We mated Dearbolt Lady Charalee Fawn (impetuosity ex Cordelia)  to Ch Dearbolt Lord Snooty (Ch Lyric John ex Ch E S Lady)  – which I think, with hindsight, was a bit close.

(Snooty was a Sweet Lady son and Charalee was her great grandaughter. I know people have gone much, much closer than that, but we were being told that line breeding fixes your type and we didn’t know any better back then! )

I had long left home by the time Lady Alicia was mated, and to tell you the truth I am not sure I can remember definitely who we mated Alice to, but I think it might have been Snooty. Think that was all the breeding we did, but you’ll probably correct me if not!

So – I make that one or two litters that were consciously line bred.  As I said earlier.

We resisted mating Ch Dearbolt Lord Snooty to Ch Dearbolt Lady Ancorrie even though we were advised to by a very senior KC committee member and Ch show BIS judge who said that 1/2 brother to 1/2 sister matings were the foundation of her line.

And I totally put my hands up! We now have the info re the dangers of line breeding or using popular sires.

I think it’s dangerous to obsess about individual breed points though. Conformation and therefore ability to do the job was and is always far and above the most important to me in those days when i used to judge – haven’t done it for a few years now, last time was a Beardie show in Germany or Belgium I think. For me breed type issues only came into the equation to split hairs between equally matched dogs that could move like a dream. Eyes are for me the icing on the cake. The Charncroft element we found gave a lovely dark eye, Ancorrie particularly had a gorgeous expression and her daughter Cordelia, too. But for me Lord Snooty was the best dog we ever bred – he moved like a dream and his neck and shoulders, length of back were just to die for. His daughter (who I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember the show name of for the life of me!) was made just as well – but by then we’d tired of showing so no one ever got to see much of her.

Our dogs life expectancy was pretty good, my old Sal – Lady Charalee Fawn – lived to 16, as did Lady Alicia. Cleo sadly had a doggie equivalent of a stroke and didn’t deal with the disability well and had to be pts at 11 as she was very distressed at being imobilie. Every on else made their teens and had pretty healthy lives.Sal fanously survived Parvo and then liver cancer and pyometra to keep going to 16 – she was as tough as old boots and such a character, she  was a fawn and as you’re interested in eyes – hers were darker than any brown I’ve ever seen!

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