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I thought that it was the most appaulling, biased program that I’ve seen for ages and I’m glad that I wasn’t associated with it. 

Of course there are breeders who don’t health test and don’t care, and of course something should be done about them, but the vast majority of breeders that I know spend a lot of time, money and emotion trying to breed fit health dogs that are good representatives of their breeds.  Others have been following the ‘experts’ advise to sort out breed problems for years and have made no progress at all.  All this ‘outcrossing solves all problems’ is just a load of twaddle!  You just bring in more problems to the line.  ::)

I would be glad if the BBC didn’t show Crufts.  If another channel took it over, the coverage couldn’t be any worse and we might get presenters who know what they are talking about.

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