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Hi guys, firstly sorry been away had mad two weeks at work arhhh not a day off!
And yes I watched the programme, found it  pretty good to be honest, and yes it showed GSd’s with sloppy hocks, have to say also i found it a little bias, as not all  shepherds, *my breed” are  that lose are like that, yes I have germanic 2 of, and show but there not brought out a kennel shown and put back in a kennel, there pets also lie in my living room and have good runs, hence can tighten up some lose hocks by the way! Also the programme didn’t mention that the majority of GSD’ breeders are hip elbow scoring and DNA testing….? so most people will go to a BYB for a dog now theve seen this programme as there was no insight to the scoring bit? The king charles spaniel woman want’s shooting  knowing her dog was infected with SYRINGROHIMELIA:-” how many puppies are infected, and why do so many owners refuse to do the MRI scan….. suppose its bit like those who refuse to Hip Score. If they don’t know about it then there dog hasn’t got it to them” burying there heads in the sand so to speak!
As for the ridgebacks, and the non ridge being perfectly healthy, wow amazed me must say, much like the White GSD yes people cull them which to me is so wrong, and cruel. AS for the KC i think thre a load of pompus gits who don’t have a clue!

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