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i no what you are all saying about being dependent on the ball but that is the only thing that will work. There are posts and posts about him not listening to me. I tried getting excited, using treats, not feeding him and then using his food (not easy when it’s raw) and absolutly nothing worked – we had months of him never being off lead cos there was nothing i could do or say to get him to listen – even asking him to sit was hard.
Eventually i have managed to be able to walk to the park in a off lead heal with him passing dogs, get him to do a 5 min down stay while dogs running around moved passed him, get him to come back to me in the middle of play ect all with the help of his fav ball.
It was so bad before i spent ages speaking to bev because i was so upset and down about it all. At one point my parents even told me that we may have to consider re-homing him because it was un fair on him. I would love to be able to have his full attention without the ball but right now apart from his temper i’m happy with him.
We now both love going out for walks – at one point he went 3 days without going for a walk granted it wasn’t all down to his behaviour there was a lot of that down to me and the bad stuff i was going through but i’m no longer fretting about him running off and up to a dog who could possibly growl at him for him then to do god knows what to it. i feel like i have my dog back whereas before he was just a stranger i really couldn’t bare to look at.

I know its not perfect but it’s the best it’s ever been and i really don’t want to go back by taking away the only thing that keeps both him and me sane.
but for his temper do you think that i could get in the ‘back off’ cue? i’m going to have to work on his leave as well as at the highest exciting place (flyball) it had 50% success rate ::)
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Will help you all I can on Thursday – if your parents are willing to come back a little later for you then I will help you after flyball  :-*
that would be great mudgie :help:

if we had of met while out on a walk then dodge would have been fine with nooch but because the flyball is so exciting it gets dodger all pumped up meaning i’m afraid you see the worse of him ::)

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