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I find it fascinating that the replies are mainly along the lines of “what did dogs use to do?”. The simple answer – they died young. And, somewhere, if I could be bothered to find it, a controlled study was done which showed that feeding cooked, preprepared food allowed captive wolves to live longer.

Now, you may not like it. You may think “I’ve done this for years, so it’s all right”. Unfortunately, the facts show otherwise. It may have been all right for you. That may not be true tomorrow.

As for the people who think I’m close-minded. The opposite is true. The difference is that I’ve heavily researched this – not by relying on people who say I’ve fed this, or I’ve fed that – but by looking at hard, verifiable evidence.
You may not believe me but I do think that there is a place for some natural foods. Equally, I’ve found (and some of the replies here illustrate) that there are an awful lot of people who think what they are doing is correct but who turn a blind eye to those things they don’t wish to see. Because I’ve tried to keep this on an independent level I haven’t re-posted things I’ve found on forums where owners have told of their devastation at having their dogs die after changing to a raw food diet – and there are quite a few out there.

However, I know that the die-hards will live in their own world and not look at real evidence so there’s no point in continuing this discussion.



So you haven’t researched it at all have you ??  You are simply quoting the results of reasearch carried out by others (hearsay)
Controlled research is carried out on perfect specimens…of the same type, breed & age. Exercise & food is carefully monitored.
In the real world (where most of us live) there are other factors to take into account.

If you’re so into statistics what do you you make of the odds that most posters here would agree with you ?
Fact…most here are disagreeing & relating their experiences to back up their beliefs. 

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