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Take your helmet off SP I too hate the sport I know some do it on this board thats their choice but I have seen the injuries this sport can cause, I know even a walk in the park can bring on a limp but I have seen major injuries, IMO I wish they would stop making such a thing of it at Crufts and Discover Dogs.
As the majority of dogs are BC they are manic enough without the other breed have always thought it brings out the worse in other breeds, plus they are more prone to injury.
I too shuddered when you said you were going Laura  :-* I know how you wanted to do something with him but flyball ain’t for him.
Hugs Laura Bev will sort him I am sure he’s a lovely boy just needs pointing in the right direction he’s a big boy with a big brain he deserves better than repetitive flyball.

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Personally I am not a fan of flyball I could not cope with all that noise. and I am not sure it is the best thing for a GSD, or any large dog because of the strain it puts on their joints.

I realise many people can say the same about agility, working trials, schutzhund, but it is the one discipline I have always actively avoided (mainly cos there is not much, discipline that is)

(puts on helmet and retires behind parapet)!  :help:

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