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hi laura, i was doing exactly this before bev came, that was the only way i could keep beau’s attention but as bev said, what happens when i lose a ball (and i have lost hundreds) so she compromised with me, if i have to have a ball then fine BUT i am in charge of the ball and play time, so we started by basically making beau give the ball directly into my hand instead of throwing it at me and dashing off….

then it progressed to sometimes we will and sometimes we won’t….. exactly as it sounds, i’ll throw when i feel like it or i’ll shove it into my pocket for a while….an no him throwing himself at me and climbing up me and trying to chew the ball out of my pocket, nipping my ass and whizzing around me in circles doesn’t get the ball  :nono:

but him being calm would, but saying that he had to be able to walk along with me calmly and sit etc when asked (i must have looked like a right loon)  ;D anyway so now after incorporating leave we can sit & leave lob the ball as far as possible then send to retrieve, i’m in control of the ball, we now also have a lovely (just carry it then) for when he is puffed out and he’ll trot along carrying it quietly.

so don’t worry bev will be able to sort you out one way or another, ball or no ball  :-*

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