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I am sorry but I am not sure I understand your argument.

I do not know of any successful schutzhund dogs ( and by that I mean dogs that COMPETE in schutzhund rather than PARTICIPATE). the difference between the former and the latter is that the former is made up of working bred dogs who play to win either nationals or world titles, rather than show bred dogs who gain qualification(s) merely to allow them to compete in SHOWING abroad who have developed arthritis as a result of HD,

Do you?

Because the dogs are bought from scored stock, are under the BMS and they themselves are scored.

So how would Schutzhund dogs as opposed to Show dogs, pet dogs be more likely to develop arthritis let alone HD?

You either have HD or not.

Why does it have to be breed specific. The ability to be successful at Schutzhund demonstrates the good skeletal structure, endurance and athleticism of ALL breeds, not just GSD.

Where do you get the information that in side the UK this is pefectly acceptable?

What data have you found to support this allegation.

Which peer reveiwed article do you have, where is the literature that supports your statements?

From what source does it stem?

Have you actually ever BEEN to a schutzhund competition, have you actually ever SEEN high performance dogs work?

How does ANY body test endurance,speed, stamina, strength, skills?

Why through competition of course, it works for the Olympics, it works just as well in Schutzhund, those that are not up to it mentally or physically do not hang around long and are moved on.

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