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my precious boyo is 6 months today…happy half year sure have changed our lives   ;D

he having the time of his short life..we have inga with us as mum on hols…1 teenage pre first season lab girlie + one just found out what balls really do boyo = manic….

his courtship skillls need some refining  ;D ;D

will post pics when i can up load…

the boys have gone into dog house for some peace….ami is in … yourself is older and prettier and have longer nails mode  ::)

the pups do not know anyone or any other dog exsists… ::)

am getting old…could do this with a pack of pups once  ;D

shethinksshethebeeskneeswellrightshegotanotherthinkcominghemine  >:D amilou

shesoprettyandsolivleyandandshedoesntthawkmeonnoselikeamiandshesaysnobutsmeansyes…i think  :-\ cubert

ohdoGgetusoutofhere  :what: falkorandsamtoo

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