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Do you know what this is?


Answer: 3 degrees below zero

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in excess is toxic, including hot air.

We do not need you to convince us of the error of our ways, why not conduct your eulogising and proselytising elsewhere where your education, qualifications and erudition will be appreciated.

Why waste your time with people like us, who live in the dark ages, have no qualifiications, degrees, professional status etc.

We are not on a par with you, you should not be associating with us plebs!

I have found, that forums are like swimming pools, all the shouting comes from the shallow end!  :ok:

Empty vessels make most noise etc etc etc.

All the people to whom I have referred have demonstrated competency in their field, you have not.

It is a difficult one, but I think I will put my faith in those who deserve it.

AS I said before you do not have the monopoly on facts, expertise or anything other than an overwhelming desire to prove your worth; which quite frankly make you appear desperate for kudos and validation.
So, you have no sound argument but just think that shouting makes you right?

Were you a school bully too?

Are you just upset that you’ve put up lots of hot air arguments that can be proven wrong?

The only empty vessel here is you. You are the one who held up experts – that aren’t expert at all. What competency have any of them demonstrated? You are the one who insisted that garlic was OK for dogs – when it’s poisonous. :nono:

I’m sure a lot of people here will trust your every word. If you have anything reliable or valuable to say – please do so. But your last post shows your true worth – empty.

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