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You can give your OWN pets homeopathy, massage, acupuncture etc etc etc

Thousands do!

Now, please refute the Serotonin statement.

And there are so many questions we have asked you which you have still failed to answer.

Which is the large security firm your wife presided over and in what capacity, so we can verify your claims.

You have made many claims and not verified ONE of them.

Why not go back under thr bridge?!


You keep asking your questions and getting no response and we will do the same.

Trip Trap trip trap.


I’ve refuted the Serotonin statement – with correct medical facts.

However, I’m still waiting for YOU to come up with any verifiable FACT at all.

As far as what my wife did – she ran the South of England dogs for one of the large companies (I’m not saying which, because it’s irrelevant as she stopped working there over 10 years ago). Their policy was to bring in rescue dogs – they didn’t breed their own. The source they used for those dogs was also used (and still is) by the county police force.

Happy now?

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