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Actually there has only been a couple of studies involving tryptophan and protein and it was to do with specific behaviour ie territorial aggression.  As aggression is more complex than that it is not sound.

Secondly the experiment that people often quote when discussing the dangers of high protein diets was not a controlled one, it involved diets including tryptophan.

There is a case for behavioural modification purposes for feeding some dogs an extra carbohydrate meal with a Vitamin B6 (although most people now accept the complex is better) added for extreme cases however this has to do with a metabolism problem where dogs cannot metabolise tryptophan correctly.

My information does not come from Wikapeadia or any other web source unlike yours.

Some of us have actually studied nutrition, both animal and human (in my case, equine, canine and human).

My GSD is not a freak but a fabulous example of the breed both in physique and temperament. 

But I agree with Suz and Mark, we are all bored now, with your attempts to belittle the rest of us with your quasi scientific rubbish and lack of knowledge about GSD, titles and diet.

You remind me of that woman in the film Airplane, you know the one that everyone who sat next to committed suicide.

Why not join a forum where your half baked ideas and statements will not be challenged and you can be seen as the oracle (rather than the orifice)

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