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I would say stick to JWB to, however i use arden grange as its good quality and suits my dog. like sweetype said its about would food suits your dog rather than ‘best brand’ one of my dogs couldn’t tolletrate many types of foods due to severe food intolerances so is now on ID as its one of the only ones that suits her
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There is no “best” brand or variety except the one that suits your dog.

If I were to feed dried food I would probably choose Orijen as it is grain free (you can get it at Zooplus) however this is very expensive.

Alternatively JWB do two grain free varieties.

Arden Grange

Basically one without any unecessary additives, preservatives, colourings, salt, sugar, preferably one grain if using cereals in the following order of preference oats, rice, avoiding if possible wheat, maize and barley.

Of course some dried foods use potato or tapioca instead of cereal.

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