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As long as you are a responsible owner and train your dog to leave then there are no problems. 

present company excluded. a “responsible” bully breed owner is pretty hard to find on this continent.

I know far many more responsible bull breed owners than I do not.  Unfortunately it is only the irresponsible owners who give the wonderful breed a bad name. 

My dogs and I were set upon by a JRT, a Hungarian Vizla and 2 lurchers the other night.  I had full control over my dogs, yet this woman was screaming and shouting at her dogs to return to her.  Her JRT snapping at my dogs, one of which is Dog aggressive, but I was very proud of her and she just sat and looked at me as if to say ‘this dog is a fool mum’.  Knowing I have a dog aggressive dog, makes me even more aware of other dogs/owners…she is never off lead unless in an area I can see has no other dogs.  Her recall is 110% and she wouldn’t bolt off after another dog.


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