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am visiting her today…so will let you know  ;D

do you remember the poster that i went to see some time ago…a struggling with a flattie pup…the pup had to be rehomed in the end…only a young couple…but man had oral cancer…anyway he died last year…awful awful time they went through…almost desroyed her mind poor woman….i went to see her last friday..she has rescued the most gorgeous black lab…he was sold to a dreadful home…man wanted a collie, she was pregnant, had baby early blah blah…poor pup kept in crate for 7 months…no exercise just a run in the garden and hard handled by the man…he a beaut…but he fat no muscle at all and has the brain of a 7 week pup but the body of a 7 month pup…he huge…am going to see her today until sat am and taking thelou with me to teach him some manners….. >:D am calling in on the pink woman on the way

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