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Thanks  :-*

Val ,the members car park got washed away yesterday! so we went right up the top behind Loseley House then walked down the hill and in the back way, the nice car park man let me park right at the top of the hill under a huge oak tree, otherwise I dont think we’d have made it out, tractors were pulling cars out of the mud all day, such a shame, they’d moved all the benches too to make room for rings inside the tents and all the numbers were all over the place ::)
The pass was just for today, yes, so you dont need it back?

Most of the long hairs had their little  coats and boots on while walking about, it was just like Windsor last year! The rain def kept alot of people away 🙁

Foxy can you let me know when its in :-*

Izzie will get a pic of her and her winnings when she wales up, she’s had a hard day! 😀

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