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yep def….

no probs with the solid liver… but alfie is…mmm a …puzzle …he white/black/grey mix.. hence my thinking litter brothers??…they act as if…but that a huge genetiic colour cross over  :-\ but..have seen this before …and yep a long long time ago..but the brain cells are saying it possible..brain cells just not saying where and when and how to check  ::)

if they are a cross then they are at least F2 from the 2 breeds that made up the parenting…for me..drop dead gorg and i would really really really like…esp the solid liver  🙂

french hunting hounds that then became gunner ish hounds  gundogs 🙂

doing my head in…has been since thursday…..going to email french mate with the working poodles  :-\ ::)

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