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hi and welcome  🙂

and diesel beat me too it..he having a busy summer…but i read post and thought..he do a quick flick he going to have to post ,,, 😀

so pics are a must otherwise he will just get…errrmm he will …errmmmm get…errmmmm….WHERE ARE PICS… ;D
Bwahahahaha, yep, e-xact-ly  :-* .
Was so exited when i read that, that Nick’s post was as far as i got with reading this thread befor hitting the reply-button.
Just wanted to have a quick read, to stay updated more or less…. Now am stuck hahaha. Oh well, work won’t walk away. Oh wait, mine does  😀 . But hey! Not everyday that a nother black Belgian b.gger boy comes along on the forum  😉 .

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