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And my heart skipped a beat when i read she has a greenpupper  😀 .
What his full name and age? And many pics very much please yes  :yes: .

Btw welcome to you too, but rrrright now am vèry interested in your little black furry bouncing ball  ;D .

LOL.  Thanks for the welcome.  His full name is Parisway Archipalego Gem.  His sire and dam are Vanistica.  He was bought for obedience, and so far, at 15 weeks, is certainly showing loads of promise.  He loves treats, so that makes life easy!  ;D  So far he’s doing a super recall, sit, down, sit at heel, left turn, h’w on the move….and his walk back is to die for!!

Kizkiznobite…..can I take you up on the photos?  I’m really thick with things like that!!  :embarrass:

Groentjes are alltime winners when it comes to recall. They can outmatch any dog at anytime for that  😉 . And rewards they very much like too yes  :yes: .
15 weeks….. Wonderfull age. Little sponges they are. Absorbing everyting they can. They luuurve to learn. And that won’t stop  😉 .

But now…. I want to see him  ;D .

How his father and mother? One of their dogs got some de Bruine Buck blood inthere. One of the very good Belgian lines.

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