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It has a good side too. Thor was my only boy to grow so old i had to leave him with sunshine. He grew to be 14. But since than i was never granted to give another boy the golden years. It’s good for sunshine too. They always MY boys. Now she wants one for herself again too hahaha  😀 .
It been so long since Thor. We were so young, only just got this farm. He became all for her from the age of 11, and i had my pupper hanging on my pants. Now she wants this boyo for herself. The kids too.
Diesel very high drive now. No end to his physical limits. Very readyreadyready. Adrenalinelevel skyyyy hight. He now sometimes tooooo bouncy and eager to go out for the kids. In the house he constantly seeking play and attention from the kids or trying to herd them  ::) . He actually managed to wear my kids out  :surprise: .

Yeah…. my Betaboy almost all grown up now. 3 years on the 17th of november. The day after Wodan’s birthday. Must take some pics of them the way they are now when the weather allows it. Wodan going to grow into his wintercoat, which is always massive. And Diesel…. he becoming mightymighty black wolfy, being the family snotty that he is  😉 .

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He will do it for himself Diesel.
Hugs to you and the boys I have been there done that it’s hard but I also enjoy the couch potato time

By himself. That’s good. Bev said to me befor; let him set the pace.
So i should have known already. I really should start listening better to what women say  ::) .

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