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Ah no, is something completely different  😀 .

I thought it was made of Goldflower. Something you can easily make yourself. We say Goldflower  :-\ , you know it though…. Flower been mentioned here loads of times befor…. Can’t remember the English name  ::) …

Val? You know what Goldflower is. It the orange-yellow flower. Been used for centuries. You can easily make maceraats and ointments, make tea or eat the flower in your food. Flower and plant itself can be used. Shhhhhh.t! I can’t remember  ::) . It’s warming and skin protecting if you make a maceraat from it. It stimulates the bloodflow of the skin, is wondhealing, and reduces infections. The old name is ‘bride of the sun’. Not Arnica but ……

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