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I have absolutely no idea what your dogs do with/for your birds but it sounds like diesel played his part with great skill

I breed chickens and turkeys  😉 . I no cage breeder. Everything runs free about. So i need my boys to herd the birds, to get them out in the morning to clean the barns, and take them back befor it gets dark. Turkeys prefer to sleep out in the open ontop of something and they nest e-ve-ry-where. Boys  search the nests for me, as those will stay with their nest and not sleep in the barn untill the youngens are about a week old. And they also seperate the animals for me when we are selecting those that are up for sale or going to end up in someone’s freezer.
Chickens very docile, but Turkeys  :death: … This summer we had 1 nesting right next to 1 of our back doors. She even attacked Diesel a few times when he told her off to go back behind the fence. But she already made her nest overnight and had an egg to guard. So no furball was going to keep her away. Bigger problem was her male mate. He guarding his females and their nests. So Diesel quite had a handfull with a female launching her beek at his face and a male using his claws at Diesel’s back end.
With chickens it easy. They see the boys and walk inline. The males make a sound that means chicks have to follow him and they do. But the turkeys, males and females quite have some hair on their teeth. They can really put up a fight when they’re being singled out and pushed about. Chickens will be chickens, but the turkeyfemales will fight like the males do.
Even worse when they hatched in incubator. Those little ones grew up very close to the boys. So they not so much fear. They fight back faster and harder. Turkeys can jump prrretty high, you know. If they want, an adult one can jump right into your face without almost no use of their wings. My concrete fence about 5ft9 high, but they can easily jump on those. And dispite of what most people think, Turkeys are pretty good at flying too if you don’t forsfeed them.
Those are my Wodan’s expertise. He excelent with the resisting ones. Diesel still initialy shocked when bird rrrrealy turns against him hahaha  😀  . He still  standing there looking at us thinking  :help: , what do i do? Hahahaha  😀 .
I got a lot of birds now. Turkeys breed about 2-3 times a year depending on the wheather. The early nests are fully grown now. Right about now their meat will be at it’s best. The second round about the end of september, and the late ones are good by the end of November.
Wintertime a very quiet time for us when it comes to the birds. So Wodan’s birthday and official retirementday will actually just slip in at the right time.

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