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Oh, look at the pretty little puppy  :-* . Look peops, he a little Picard too like my boys  🙂 .
Little boyo, make your mammy come here many many times a week, i’m soooo looking forward to see you growing  :yes: .

Izzie? Dree? More, i want more please  ;D .

:laugh:  I have some photos on my camera of him that I need to download.  When I’ve done that, I’ll send them to Izzie.  Thanks again, Izzie….I think Diesel might have bust before I worked out how to send them!  :laugh:
Oops, am i that transparent?  😮 …….. well you completely right  😀 .

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where did my post go??

i said….i saw these at discover dogs and these and clumbers were totally the bestest doggies i have ever seen, just stunning!  :yes:
Becareful and proceed with caution Zer…… befor you know it you are owned by one or even both of  those breeds  >:D .

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