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Re: Bad relationship


[quote author=Kerry_and_Beau link=topic=12456.msg241136#msg241136 date=1221678025]

anyway CJ the advice you got about him sleeping in your room ect

wags what would yours do if you gave more freedom, isn’t it oban that takes a mile when given an inch?


give oban half a milimeter then hes took more than a mile
hes an out and out git without a doupt

but training with Oban is a bit of a revelation really – hes very much “yep right got it NEXT”
one thing i will say about him is hes no first dog – if he had been my first dog let alone my first border collie i think i would have been driven over the edge
Oban has never really had a puppy phase hes always been an adult dog in a puppy body – i remember at 16 weeks he bollocked an adult lab that had approached him very rudelly on the beach and i stood there thinking oh jesus what the hell have i got here.

what would mine do ?
uhm in what way
the three i have now have all to be managed in one way or another – Flyte and Brock are the easy two and matthew has them  ::)

Cleo isnt reliable with other dogs – when i first got her she was out and out aggressive and would seriouslly fly off the handle – i dont trust her entirelly with other dogs but as shes got older shes chilled out loads more – we have a much greater understanding of each other and we work together quite well now

Meg is terrified of people – and im  :-[ to say that i really dont try and impove the situation with her either – i simply hate doing any sort of training with Meg she drives me insane – her enthusiasm and madness makes me want bang my head against something very hard – i know how to work within megs comfort zones and for my own well being i dont tend to go outside them

Oban give a tiny bit and he will take a mile – hes a p**s taker and if he thinks he can get away with it he will give it a damm good go – i wouldnt give him anything because he would seriouslly take it to far 

uhm so yeh there you go not a perfect bunch but im quite happy with the way things go – its easy enough for me and it works so i dont really expect any more really

so i suppose if i gave Oban more freedom – hed chase and grip anything that moved, potentially he could be quite dog aggressive because hes so pushy and in your face
Meg would prob just cower in a corner
Cleo mmmmmmm thats not really something id like to think about to be honest because 6 years ago she was like a loaded gun where as now shes just a girl that dont take any crap  ;D

As for staying in your room – i think thats very much personal choice
Cleo wouldnt – very much i am a farm dog and i need to sleep under a tractor type attitude – she tends to sleep on the tiles on the kitchen floor – but i tend to shut her in a crate because she wakes up stiff from sleeping on the hard floor  ::)
Meg tends to annoy me because she doesnt settle for ages – so there is a crate in my room – for if shes doing my head in i can shove her in it  ::)
Oban sleeps on the floor beside my bed  😀

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