Re: Help! he’s driving me mad!!


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10 months.
The rope thing for the garden works if he goes out alone.  if the others go with him he trips them up with it (on perpose) when they are trying to come in when called!  so he’s out alone now!

then he has won – he has the reward that he wanted – he is pushing all those buttons and now he has also learned that he can win – he will move it on – i await the next problem ::)
No, you misunderstand me, i dont mean he’s out alone as in without the rope, i mean he cant go out with the rest of the gang.  He’s out on the rope, does his business and in again – no fun, no-one to play with or impress and only a reward for coming back in. (should the reward still happen if he has to be pulled in rather than coming in voluntarily?)
Had a little success this morning, one of the kids opened the door before i had chance to say ‘he’s not on the rope yet!’, didnt let the others out and he came back as soon as i called.  Tried it again 30 minutes later but no luck so he’s still on the rope!

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