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haha Diesel you gone from saying no way ever to a honey do to a ‘maybe one day’  ;D  ;D they make good guard dogs too you know   😉
God, youhou  ::) notice every little detail don’t you?
It’s correct though  :-*  😀 , i did go from no way to maybe. Little precious wants one  ::) … All i got to do is talk her out of a bitch and into a boydog….. if she ever going to get one, one day, in the very faaaaar future, if if if…
That and talk her mother into 3 dogs. No way i’m going to give up one of my dogspaces, sunshine will have to agree with putting up with a nother doggyspace  😉 .

i dont miss a thing (except the speeling mistake in vals sig  :D)

Diesel you cant have a boy Honey not the same – got to be a girlie  :yes: and lassie is right – sunshine would love her  ;D  ;D you all love her, and shed be boss of the boys – in her own way they wouldnt even realise it  😀

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