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[quote author=Val link=topic=12202.msg242406#msg242406 date=1222288820]
Is this 800 words on say one lot of genetics as in showing say Labs, or more than one breed?
testing schemes should possibly be HD as all the info you need plus us is on line on the BVA site
Bev could do 800 words on dry foods that for sure.
Genetic disorders if it’s one will have to think about it possible the easiest one would be eyes

[quote author=Izzie link=topic=12202.msg242384#msg242384 date=1222286418]
Just done my first lecture back at college!  😮

Val, Bev will be pestering you for some help/ideas on these assignments – its about genetics, genetic disorders, testing schemes and diet- which focuses on dried food.  ;D ;D ;D

3 assignments 800 words per assignment to be done over oct and Nov. 
Want to get a good grade for these altogether its 50% of final mark.


For task 1, its pick a specified genetic disorder, explain the genes involved and the mode of inheritance. Use Punnetts squres to help explain the mode of inheritance.

It must be a disorder that has a known mode of inheritance.

Am in pushing mode- I dont expect the answers on a plate, but a gentle nudge in the right direction wouldnt go amiss please!  ;D ;D

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