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thanks kerry, i do need to do what you have done. sounds like youre doing well.

focus in house is good for leave it and recall
outside on street, leave it means nothing when he spots people or dogs when they are close or chips on the floor.
have had him loose when i think there is no-one around and his recall good, except that as piglet says, i let him go immediately after.
i have seen most of the other dogs. this time he was loose and i recalled and leashed him (i have done that occasionally), but as soon as he spotted them he was deaf and blind to me. i had in my head that we would walk past and briefly stop to greet. laughable now seeing what the ig did.
it so wound him up that he jumped out of the car to get to them they couldnt be seen anymore but he was looking in that direction and i only just stopped him.

focus  i havent got it. when i have treats, he either is in my face/hand to get it or if i give it he immediately goes back to ignoring me.  he walks  a dogs length in front. no amount of turning or stopping changes that. so i am not even in his peripheral view. so i havent even got the fundemental heal close.

sorry for this post, i am feeling rather deflated and worried that i am making things worse.

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