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righto – firstly

your dog needs to be *TAUGHT* manners – NOT have you let any old dog near him and give him a good telling off if he over steps the mark.  I cannot stress this enough – you dont have enough focus to let him offlead or near to other dogs.  From your post – you are 100% asking for your dog to get into a fight.

sounds like you are treating him for giving other things his attention – you need a clicker and you need to keep him focussed and on a lead, if he isnt focussed – get out of the situation asap and go back down criteria until you do have his focus.  the same with your recall – you need to mark it and reward – whats the point in a recall if he races back off again ?

You are making things worse but its because you are pushing things too hard, too fast and lacking proper understanding of what you are trying to do.

I think you need to stop, take a breather, nothing above C1/2 until you understand the theory. 

My advice – get Izzie to come round and do the ABCAB on you and give yourself time for that to think in (Iz – can you do this?).  Then let Izzie assess him at C1 and do a “locate” with him and see if she can get a heel-close in the house.  Izzie – remember the difference when you waited for the focus with your heelwork – you thought it wasnt happening for you but as soon as you had her focus it was perfecto 🙂


p.s. I know I am going against what Bev said and  normally I wouldnt dare and I am sure if she were with you then she’d correct these little things in about 1 second and you’d be letting him off and I just know you’ll be fantastic too BUT she’s away and from your posts I can tell you are potentially heading for disaster letting him off and around other dogs.  So we are “damage limitation” with the dog and doing theory with you to get things clearer for when she’s back and you try again 🙂 

Izzie – what do you think ?  Would you have time to do ABCAB/conditioning theory and start building heelwork ?

p.p.s. I have “been there, done this, got the t-shirt” with Bonnie and it was Bev who guided us safely through the rocky path – like you we didnt always get it right and we stuffed up totally alot of the time but slowly and surely … we came out the other side and Bev then showed me that Bonnie was teaching my foster dog Misty how to be a good nice girl and i was so happy i could have cried. 

YOU WILL GET THERE – just keep saying it 🙂

Like Kerry says until you are ready to proof the behaviours it is OK to think ahead and avoid situations 🙂  This is a POSITIVE thing to be doing – one day you will have to proof and believe me your heart will be jumping out of your chest but Bev will be there and you will do just great 🙂

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