grooming question …



well its been a couple of days since the grooming session now and i have noticed William dog has some sore looking bits. 

There is 3 bits all look very much the same the skin (which is usually pink) is now redder but not real angry red and the surface has some clear/slightly yellowy scabs on it like fluid has oozed out and dried there.  There are no obvious cuts or nicks and they are all quite sparsely haired bits (Val and Suz know he has quite a dense coat really) I have checked the rest of his skin and its all finey …

The 3 bits are as you look at him upside down back legs pointing away from you (what a good dog he is) both back legs on the inside “thigh” part where leg is more muscled above knee, one slightly worse than other and on his tummy right at the bottom in the middle just above where his “willy cover” is (sorry bet it has a proper name lol!!) soooo ….

He’s bothering them so they must be itchy I guess – have been putting aloe on …

1. owt else i can put on to make better

2. likely cause ??????  (my immediate thought was shampoo but he isnt like it all over and isnt a generally sensitive skinned dog, next thought something she used to brush him under there has scratched skin and let in the wee nasties (this happened before a scratch he got became infected).

Claire x

p.s. Val I can see those rolling eyes – I just love him an awful lot and worry 🙁  2 lumps are still there but no change – phew !

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