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Hi there. thanks piglet for your comments and pm.

dogloverwoooo, i have become so confused that it is befuddling my mind and atm that aint hard.
this is what i thought
havent much time before puberty
no clicker out side the house/garden
no treats on walk, the walk is to be the reward
get to meet and greet dogs, when showing signs of starting to get silly, walk away loss of reward of greet.

complete opposite of what has been suggested here  :confused:

before work i took him on a road walk to and around the rec with very obvious treats (black pudding), he focussed on my hand more and more as he realised i might not be stingey. was rough with my hand but got better. still prefered to lunge at a passerby who suddenly appeared (well, i should have seen him coming, but i was looking at Max). he did keep focussed on the heel work longer though. before i would ‘lure’ him for a moment, give him the treat then he would be off infront again.

i’d like to know how you think i’m treating him for his attention to other things piglet, so i can stop it.

had a session in the garden whistle recall then added wait and sit (good call piglet) also some heelclose and his attention didnt go like it usually does. his off lead h.c. is crap normally. he starts messing about or wanders off. this is in the garden, havnt done it anywhere else after trying one time on a walk.

would 2 road walks a day be plenty? im going to have to drive to find some new ones soon, theres less walkable roads round here than i thought.

thanks all for your interest and suggestions :-*

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