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thanks piglet

i know im sounding negative, but.
i have been doing what you say to no avail, he ready for my turn, hop skips right back into forward position and i turn again and then he turns infront of me as if to say ‘i know we going to turn now’. yes, then do the wait he good at that ,then ‘walk on’ back to how we were. if i turned as soon as he was infront of me we would be doing a tight circle. he would think that was a game.
leave it and heel close mean nothing to him outside, not a flicker of hesitation when i say them.
i have a bottle neck of pavement to get anywhere from here and people infront and behind alot of the time, avoidence is often not possible. crossing the road is often not possible when there is a car going past.

no more off lead, thats for sure. no more walks in the woods or fun places. lower criteria for the moment.

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