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Hi Kiz

oh blimey where to start,

whistle recall in house/garden C1/2 10/10
nosetouch C1/2  10/10
whistle sit C1/2  8/10
verbal sit C1/2  9/10
visual sit C1/2  10/10
whistle down C1/2  4/10
visual down C1/2  9/10
dead (to hand) C1/2  7/10
wait C!/2  8/10 C3    8/10
close C1/2 3/10
leave C1/2  9/10 C3 4/10

have used whistle recall when off lead and no distractions and he is 10/10
cant think of any others

the lead walking was getting frustrating as he took no notice of turning or stopping, if anything the turning would get him going faster. i would stop and wait, then walk on and he would skip ahead. lungeing at peolpe has got worse as he now is lungeing up at them, not just trying to get to them.
have not taken the clicker with me outside.

i have been taking him up to and around the rec. thought this was a good idea. only when its quiet mind.
i resisted treats but i couldnt see that carrying on as we were was doing him much good.

so should i be sticking to my 2 little cul de sacs and the bench by the shop then? i havent done the shop one for a week or so as there was a mum and baby there and so i went round the rec. have just carried that on.

nice to see you back Kiz

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