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also …

i thought that when bonnie was the boss she would relieve him of “his job” whys he still worrying about noises when she should be the one telling him if its needing barking at ?

claire x

maybe she is telling him it needs barking at but wants to save her voice? he prob is just picking up on all the stress same as dorain is – and if rat dog is a temporary visitor then hopefully things will settle down once it goes away again and you back at uni and in a routine. unlike rat dog and kids next door here which never ruddy shut up…. i’ll sort your neighbours if you sort mine  >:D dorain refuses to go in garden for a pee if ratty dog is out there….

stick the dap on again and maybe try valerian? off topic – someone on another forum said valerian could have side effects but couldn’t remember what they were – can it – and if so what?  :-\ and have you got some ear stuff for bonnie – thought you had some for wills dog a bit ago? oh and if you get some dap spray, spray some of that on\round his bed then he might be happier about that too.

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