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i strongly disagree sorry….i wouldnt patronise my clients by assuming they didnt want to know because it is confusing  Undecided i find that they do actually want to know the science behind the learning that they and their dogs are undertaking and typically, as in my experience, CJ for example clearly does wish to learn and to debate such ….as is apparent from the thread on operant conditioning that CJ began last week….

as for the shorthand i apologise…I assumed you would understand it as it is the standard use of abv. when writing up classical conditioning examples…i do not use it with clients without it being explained fully with written examples first  Smiley

and i have being talking about operant conditioning for about 30 years….many many years before i discovered and was taught how to use a clicker  Smiley

by the way…the quote …..was my post not Izzies  Smiley


Classical and Operant conditioning as types of learning come from the behaviourism school of psychology and apply to the different modes in which dogs learn.  The standard abbreviations are used across psychology as a discipline and also where psychology meets other disciplines.  These learning models were in use and practiced (along with their terminology) years before the clicker was added as a marker.  This not only applies to todays more popular “positive” type dog training but also to the more traditional methods.  The learning models are the same for clicker training popular today as they are for the previously popular twatting dog with newspaper.  All that has changed is the human practice of harnessing positive techniques and leaving behind the no longer needed negative ones.

Bev’s ability to promote the best experience and benefits possible for the client and dog(s) is second to none, imho. 

I hope they dont mind me saying but CJ and Tai have tried a number of different approaches and if one or both are possibly confused its no real suprise 😉  Also, she has in the past allowed him to practice behaviours that she doesnt want because of the logistics of living where she does (CJ – can you get to toilet place now with him walking nice or does he still pull?).  Not deliberately “on purpose” obviously but out of some nessessity because he needs to toilet !!


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