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i loved that one too diesel – and incidentally i have also been having problems with someone’s cock recently – it seems to think dawn goes on for a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time….  >:D nd yes i do mean a cockerel  😀 – can’t stand the noise they make….
Well, there is only 1 remedy for it, work harder during the day and you’ll sleep tight enough so it can’t wake you up  >:D .  😀  😉  :-*

If you get along with the owner, ask him to move his chickenhouse. More out of the spot where the sun comes up. The longer it takes for a cock to sence a hint of daylight, the longer it takes for him to start shouting ; WAKE UP!
Doesn’t work 100% bulletproof, but is effective lots of the time. 😉

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