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I’m going to read that a couple more times first bev  :yes:

ok, first i only used the ‘D” word  😉 in the title of this thread because I knew that would get people to read it  :whistle:  …hehehe sneeky aren’t I  :canadian:

I found this quote in the middle of a discussion where a bunch of people kept telling someone who was having trouble being pack leader that he “had to exert dominance, show the dog who’s boss” etc etc and all that crap….

The way I see it,  I feed the dog, therefore by default, I’m tjhe frickin’ boss. However, a dog will test the ‘boss’ every single day if he/she is inconsistent , not necessarily to take over the top position but just to see what the “boss’ is allowing today.

Yes, Bev the quote does contain human emotive responses…but that’s all we have really isn’t it? We can’t speak ‘dog’ (although some sure get pretty close) so we can only describe or understand things in human terms.

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