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1.Dogs are one race & one species
Hybrid vigour doesn’t come into play with mixing different breeds(not species or races)of dogs
2.Most of the 200+ breeds of dogs around the world are in fact well over 100 years old-eg the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & King Charles Spaniels(or English Toy Spaniel)They were around in the 1500’s & there are painting of these dogs done in the reigh of Queen Elizabeth 1.

Dogs are one species but certainly not one race, anymore than Red Indian/Innuit/African/Caucasian are the same race (or breed) within the species homo sapiens. As the definition of hybrid vigour states this will occur when different races (or breeds) reproduce and absolutely does ‘come into play’ with mixing different dog breeds (or races)
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was not recognised or accepted as a breed by the Kennel Club until 1945. It is of course related to the King Charles Spaniel but is a different breed in its own right
The history of present day breeds is a wealth of cross-breeding. The German Shepherd Dog, for example, did not exist before 1899 when ‘from the heterogenous match and mix that comprised German Herding Dogs one was chosen to be the first GSD’. The Golden Retriever was developed from the crossing of a flat coated Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel with occassional out crossings to the Irish Setter and accepted as a breed in 1913. The Boxer,’a man-made breed started in the late 1800s, a cross between the Brabant Bullenbeier and small mastiff types like the English Bulldog. The Beddlington, a cross between the Rough Scotch Terrier and possibly a South American Terrier. The Standard Poodle from the pan-European Water Spaniel, the Labrador Retriever from the St.John’s Newfoundland Water Dog, the Newfoundland from a combination of the native Indian dogs and the many European breeds carried across the Atlantic, the English Setter from the Spanish Water Spaniel and known originally as the Setting Spaniel, the Kerry Blue Terrier from the Portuguese Water Spaniel and so on and so on back to the wolf.
Or did you think that God said “Let there be West Highland Terriers” and it was so?[/quote]

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