Re: STOP!!!!


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it is never too soon to start the stop – on a par with the recall it is the most likely behaviour to breakdown and the training has to be re-enforced through-out life.  i start mine off at 16 weeeks when they have the basic sit, down, stay etc fluent to 70% and the recall to 75% – i don’t take it outside until the recall and sit/stay is really fluent so it is one of those that is on going through out the whole training period.  gun dogs and herders need it not just for emergency but to get them to stop long enough to see/hear a change in direction cue.  it always fascinates me that people don’t consider this as important as a recall and it is rarely taught in the training clubs but whenyou got a really high driven dog like gunner for instance, then it is a life saver – the other week gunner and his mum were walking along the footpath by the railway line just as she realised that there was a hole in the fence gunner flushed a bird – the stop possibly saved his life one of many examples of dog’s needing this cue that i know of.

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