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see it’s not like a pug where their spine carriage makes them carry it like that he chooses to put it up. When i’m upset and stressed out walking he’ll carry it low – when he’s been told off he’ll carry it low – when he’s been running for a while and he’s tired he’ll carry it normal all the time??

If it was stuck like that i could get over it but because it’s a choice (i think) thats what bothers me…. Was having a really bad day a few weeks ago (dodge had just gone for a dog) and we were on our way home when we bumped into a guy with his shepherd and he asked if he was a husky cross  :scared: Was trying to explain to my dad why it bothers me so much and like him probably a lot of people on here may not understand my reasons but it really really grates on me :-[

i sort of have ‘tail’ on cue in the house – where if he’s playing and it’s up waving in the air i’ll say tail and he’ll put it down – i guess i could continue on with that and see if i can move it on to the higher criteria’s?

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