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She fine, been wolfing her mince down so wont take long to swop her over completely.

A few more days and Jess will play with her, she got into one the of the beds with Jess and Jess just lay there got my camera and she had moved :nono:

Awww she not already on raw then? What do your mum and dad think of her?  ;D

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[quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=13900.msg263381#msg263381 date=1237141176]
[quote author=xtine link=topic=13900.msg263375#msg263375 date=1237139860]
he is definitely porky  :-[ needs to slim down the little fatty  :yes:

Sure hes not just hairy hun only couple weeks to go  😉

Hows little Livia been today then Iz?  ;D

nope.. is ‘padding’… you’ll see  :-\

oh dear!  :-*

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