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I know Bev has a good arthritis thing with glucosamine and turmeric (or something like that) Rafe on Glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM tabs (£15 for 180 if I remember from healthy direct or something like taht) coz he has probable OCD in front legs – he not had a proper limp now for about 12 months, and if he overdone it (16 mile run with my mum did it recently) and a bit sore I just give him a couple extra tabs for a couple days and it TOTALLY better.  I know he a wee whippersnapper, but it helps him, might help your guys a bit…

Hope Honey Diva gets better soon (and Tam, too Lassie).

Tam is on Glucosamine ,Turmeric, Fish body oil, Green-lipped mussel and Bromelain and has Cartrophen injections every 6 weeks

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