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as a puppy Loki picked up a condom  :-X

Also as a puppy he nicked a chip out of a portion some schoolgirls were eating in the park.. we gave them money for more chips  :embarrass: but they were playing with him at the time – I don’t think he was after it to eat – but more of as a game…  He also nicked a flip flop around the same time and circled the picnickers for ages with it  :-[

He went through a phase of picking up ber cans – but he stopped that when we ignored it..

He rarely picks anything up these days – but last week he picked up a slice of wholemeal bread – I said ‘dead’ and he tried too – but it was stuck around his bottom jaw as it had a hole in the centre  😀 I had to pull it off – he was very sorry he had touched it. Only problem was someone elses dog then devoured it..  They have no ‘dead’ cue..

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