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how does it affect you? What reactions do you get?

Eczema, heyfever, headaches, inflametory of joints (usually one of my shoulder or wrists)…. But like i said, it goes up and down, sometimes nothing for weeks, next bring on the beta-cortisoncreme and xyzall  ::) .
Got Hydrocortison allergy too  ::) .

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ooh and DAZ washing powder is just EVIL    am a persil blue girl  ….I have to be careful with washing powder Christine  can only use non-bio ones.

Persil made by the same factory as Dixan (we used that). Dash indeed is evil and made by the same factory as Ariel and those 2 don’t do me good  😛 .
But my son even more responsive than i am so now we use natural Marseille soap flakes. You know, those pure soap flakes that have been used since the beginning of time to wash laundry, clean floors, etc. Pure soap is the base ingredient of every washpowder. So you got soap in its clearest form without any chemical added, no perfume, no colour, no toxic and wash is just as clean. + It very cheap too  😉 .

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