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How do they get the stem cells??

Because that wouldn’t have been the tissue they harvested from her shoulder…

I am v intrigued!!

In humans the reason there’s so much controversy is because they have to be harvested from either developing embryos or also from the umbilical cord…

(Stem cells have the ability to turn into ANY other cell in the human body – omnipotency – but as the baby develops they lose this omnipotency… first reduced to pluripotency – can develop into lots of diff cells – then they only have the ability to develop into one type of cell. Ah I can’t remember this properly, we studied it in my second year at uni… wonder where I put those notes)

ANYWAY it would be doubly amazing if they continued this research and work with doggies, because it would pave the way for more widespread stem cell use in humans for parkinsons etc…

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