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is it not about how the individual deals with each situation?

from my experience – depression can be clumped together – the symptoms are usually the same but it is how they are dealt with that makes the difference.

I see it like – 5 people travel to Edinburgh

1. By train
2.  By foot
3.  By aeroplane
4.  By car
5.  By hitchhiking

They all end up in Edinburgh they all have different journey experiences but they all end up in the same place.  Some have coped better with the journey than others but they all end up with the same destination.

People deal with different situations because of core beliefs usually a combination of nurture and nature.  It isnt about what life throws at you but how you deal with it.  Anyone with depression will always be prone to it no matter their mental state of health – you can control the depression instead of the depression controlling you.

It is about remodifying your behaviour so that you can deal with the situations that cause you stress or trigger negative automatic thoughts in a different way so you dont feed the depression and end up in duvet therapy or self harming etc etc.

and when people are “locked away” and their freedom taken it is for their own good – our NHS isnt so full of funds that this is done on a whim  Section 12 is there for a reason.  No one gets mental health care unless they need it and if that means that they have been assessed and more than one professional has said it is in their best interest.  At that moment in time you are too ill to understand anything and if you arent making rational decisions then someone should do it for you.

It is interesting but you have a very blackened view because of your experiences with mental health care.  You need to take a step back and take your own personal emotion out of the equation to have a balanced view.  Not everyone is failed by “the system” and there is a lot to be said about self help

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