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royal canin – skin and digest

ingredients :

1. mixed cereals including maize and rice

2. saturated fats

3. poultry meat probably obtained from jetwashing carcasses which can include some feathers and other body parts which is then dried out

4. wheat gluten – this could be what she’s reacting to πŸ™

5. poultry protein (because the so-called meat above has very little nutritional value left)

6. poultry liver (as above)


the rest. vitamins, minerals added back in again because no nutrition in the ingredients and also to sell product with trendy “now” ingredients such as EFA’s / Omega 6 etc … no mention of whether most of these are synthetic or natural and how they were stored and processed … these nutrients can be destroyed during either process.

and thats what you pay your (probably lots) of money for !!

very little meat (which is essential to a young pups diet) and very lots of allergy creating things ….

i would change them BOTH to a natural diet – have a read of those links and come back with Q’s πŸ˜€

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